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Introducing The USA National Phenology Network - A documentary about the National Phenology Network, a consortium of Public agencies, educational institutions and Non-Governmental organizations with the intent of observing the life cycles of plants and animals to observe the effects of climate change.

Want Some Cake? - A short animation about cake and good intentions.

McJagger - Evil is everywhere, Officer McJagger is going to stop it!

Pachelbel's Cortana - A random battle between stick figures to the tune of Pachelbel's Canon (Viewer Discresion Advised).

Take the Hill - Allied troops battle Soviet forces in 1947 in the heart of the USSR.

Natzsaidnehemah - The sequel to the Clouds, this film features timelapse photography of three areas of the Earth, Nature, Cities, and Industrial Areas. This film compares nature to the artificial world humans have created and what it takes to sustain that world.

The List - A movie about a undercover agent who recovers a Mafia hit list and needs to survive long enough to get it into the proper hands.

Xod - A series of three films about totalitarianism, political unrest, religious crusades, raising the dead, invading earth, destroying evil, climatic battle scenes and more...

The Frogs - A modern adaptation of Aristophanes' engimatic play, "The Frogs."

Faustian Film - A Faustian film in macinema form!

Clouds - A short timelapse movie featuring clouds.

Why Movies Suck - A Self Critique macinema of an earlier film; Distress of the Princess.

Jedi Vs. Bounty Hunter - A short sequence of a Jedi defending him self from a Bounty Hunter.

Distress of the Princess - A short Star Wars fan film made in the early part of '06.

Let's Face MySpace - A documentary about the popular blogspace MySpace.

Chronicles of human nature CHN 1 and CHN 2 Set in the not too distant future, about a stick figure guy, who's motives are unclear, who's violence is over the top (Viewer Discresion Advised).

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